Direct shift gearboxes

Direct shift gearboxes

A technically advanced direct shift gearbox requires specialist knowledge and outstanding mechanical expertise.

We are one of just a handful of independent garages in the country accredited by LuK to install, replace and repair direct shift gearboxes.

Although it is an innovative and brilliant system, it is one that requires skill, experience and technical know-how. That is where the team at DR Automotive in Stone is ready to help.

How does a direct shift gearbox work?

Direct shift gearboxes (DSG) are a common feature of Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Ford, Renault and Fiat vehicles and allow the driver to change gears without the need for a clutch pedal.

Just like a traditional automatic, it will shift gears, come to a halt and pull away without fear of stalling. Unlike a traditional automatic gearbox, however, it is powered by computer – which is where our specialist knowledge sets us apart from the rest.  

The DSG is made up of two clutches, two gear shafts and an all-important electronic control unit (ECU), the computer which powers the effective functioning of the mechanical system inside.  

Why choose DR Automotive?   

DR Automotive is proud to be a LuK accredited garage

  • LuK accredited
  • Specialist DSG knowledge
  • Understanding of the intricate integration between mechanics and electronics
    One of the top independent garages in the country
  • Repair work, installation and servicing our customers can trust
  • Vehicle pick-up and drop-off service covering Stone, Eccleshall, Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent  

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