Valve Cleaning

Fast and efficient valve clean technology can save our customers from high repair costs.

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Valve deposits can build up over time, resulting in loss of performance, high fuel consumption and rough idling.

Our quick and efficient valve cleaning solution keeps engines running at optimal levels – without the need for complex disassembly and the possibility of expensive repairs further down the line.

Here’s how valve cleaning works

The accumulation of dirt and other contaminants can cause noticeable symptoms and long-term damage to the engine. Customers may find that their car does not idle smoothly when stationary or there is a lack of engine performance. They may see fault indicators including ‘Incorrect fuel/air mixture’ or ‘Loss of power’.

Our experienced and knowledgeable mechanics can quickly diagnose deposit-related valve issues and take action to fix any problems – without the need for a long, disruptive and expensive workshop stay.

Instead we use a brilliantly effective and fast cleaning system from TUNAP. Damaging deposits are safely removed with compressed air while a special neutralisation solution dissolves any residual granulate particles.

Why choose DR Automotive’s valve cleaning system?

    • Cleans rapidly and effectively
    • Non-abrasive product
    • Reduces risk of long-term damage to the engine
    • Cost-effective and can protect against costly repairs

Applied by experienced and knowledgeable mechanics in one of the top independent garages in the country

Do you need to speak to us about valve cleaning or are you worried about your car’s performance? Just call one of our friendly mechanics on 01785 816785 and they’ll be happy to help.