The DPF Doctor Stone is a independent DPF specialists that can accurately diagnose your DPF problem and any underlying faults that have caused the problem. We will advise you of the reason for your DPF problem, fix it and then give you some honest advice on how to get the best out of a DPF equipped vehicle. Our Garage has multiple professional diagnostics tools as well as the skill set required to offer a fast, efficient service. 
Our own fully trained diagnostics technicians. We only accept full time professional vehicle technicians that are experienced in diagnostic fault finding and if they are accepted they must complete our DPF Doctor Advanced DPF Diagnostics training course at our HQ in Ashington, Northumberland. The network was set up originally by Darren Darling of Energy Tuning Ltd, a DPF expert with many years of experience in solving DPF problems and the network has attracted some of the UK’s leading diagnostics technicians. This forms a solid backbone to our network and allows us to keep at the cutting edge of diagnostics procedure’s with our continued dealer training/support program. 


DR Automotive is an independent garage in Stone, Staffordshire, specialising in Dpf diagnosing and cleaning, for all models of cars and light vehicles – from commercial to luxury sports motors. 
Customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Expect a thorough approach and high standards of workmanship by fully trained technicians with over 35 years combined experience. Come to us for a professional personal service for at least 50 per cent of the labour cost. 
We are an AA approved repair centre. For customer convenience, we operate a free vehicle pick-up and drop-off service covering Stone, Eccleshall, Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent. 


The law in action... 


Article by www.autoexpress.co.uk 
Drivers who fail an early MoT and continue to drive their car thinking their old pass certificate is still valid risk heavy fines 
An Mot specialist has warned drivers of a loophole that may land them a £2,500 fine, a driving ban and three penalty points. According to scrapcarcomparison.co.uk, drivers are being caught by the police across the UK after putting their vehicle through an early MoT to see if any faults need repairing. 
If the vehicle fails the early MoT test, many drivers still believe they can continue to drive the vehicle until their old pass certificate runs out. However, any fail on an MoT test is recorded as a failure on a national database that’s accessed by police with ANPR cameras. According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), motorists can take their MoT up to a month before their existing certificate expires, but any failure recorded will supersede the old pass certificate. 
A spokesperson for scrapcarcomparison.co.uk said this loophole is catching drivers out: “Many drivers will not be aware a refused MoT will be recorded on the national database, potentially alerting your vehicle to the traffic police. 
“We’ve had many a situation where a customer – after undertaking an early MOT and the car failing – has driven their car knowing it is potentially dangerous to drive. 
“A current valid certificate doesn’t make a car ‘road safe’. Serious faults flagged up by an MoT inspector, and these not being addressed, could leave you seriously liable.” 
The news comes after a similar study earlier in the year found 16 per cent of drivers are unaware of when their MoT certificate expires, with the average delay on renewing their MoT recorded at 37 days after expiry. 


Article published by www.autotechnician.co.uk 
Two Sheffield mechanics have been given a 2 year testing ban after the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) found that they were selling a diesel particulate filter (DPF) removal service. 
DPF Solutions Sheffield Limited removed the filters from cars intended to be driven on Britain’s roads, posing a clear threat to air quality and public health. The DVSA investigation also uncovered ‘sister company’, MB Services Yorkshire, advertising the service. 
MB Services Yorkshire’s owner Mark Brace (54) claimed that the firms were unconnected but the investigation revealed that the two firms shared the same address and some of the same staff and shareholders. This included Mr Brace’s sons, Ricky (33) and Ross Brace (31). The two companies regularly ‘recommended’ each other on social media, boasting that their DPF removal services were “MOT friendly” and “hard to notice”. 
Garages and testing stations have had to check for a diesel particulate filter in the inspection of the exhaust system as part of the MOT test (or annual test for heavy vehicles) since February 2014. The filter works by trapping solid particulate matter from exhaust gases. This type of filter has been in use for more than 20 years and helps meet European emissions standards, improving air quality and health. 
Some firms offer services to remove the filter, claiming it will improve the vehicle’s performance, or is cheaper than replacing the current DPF. But it is an offence to drive a vehicle that has been modified this way, as it will no longer meet the emissions standards the car achieved when it was approved for sale in the UK. 
In 2014, DVSA formally notified MOT garages that if they offered a DPF removal service the agency would consider that this brought the MOT Scheme into disrepute. 
As a result of the investigation Ricky and Ross Brace’s authorisation to conduct MOTs has been removed for 2 years and Mark Brace’s by 28 days. 


“My Mercedes Vito 2.2d had a blocked DPF and lost power. I took it to my local garage who confirmed that the DPF was blocked and cleaned it but the fault returned with in 2 weeks. I went back to my local garage, they then recommended I take it to D R Automotive. They diagnosed that there was a number of broken wires that would cause the DPF to be faulty. They fixed the wires and replaced a sensor. The van now drives like a new one, thank you very much.” 
Mr Dodd 
“What a breath of fresh air DR Automotive are! I had a big issue with my Nissan and was told to take it to them. They sorted the fault and kept me up to date with progress and costs. The price was nearly a £1000 less than the main dealer! Thank you again I will be in touch.” 
Mrs Bailey 
“I left my Ford Transit van with your garage last week. I would just like to pass on my thanks and give you a review as after taking my van in to two other garages without the fault being fixed, you managed to rectify the fault in half a day which really impressed me. Your guy knew exactly what the fault was and explained it fully and had me back on the road with in 4 hours! Thanks again, you will be seeing me in the future.” 
Mr Grieves 


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