How does Gear Tronic II work? 

Previously, it was inevitable that the new fluid would be contaminated with the remains of the old fluid – a problem that is now history thanks to Gear Tronic II. That’s because Gear Tronic II allows the fluid to be replaced virtually 100% without contamination. It’s the only way to ensure that the new fluid is able to work to its full performance. 
A further advantage is that because it uses automatic processes, Gear Tronic II stops expensive mistakes from happening and prevents overfills or underfills. The device is therefore the perfect all-round solution for flushing, carrying out transmission fluid changes and adding additives – easily, quickly and reliably. 
Optimised shifting behaviour 
Possible shifting delays and poor shifting, up to the failure of entire gears, are eliminated. 
Lower fuel consumption 
Early and soft shifting points have a positive effect on fuel consumption. 
Less wear 
The transmission flushing in combination with additives ensures smoother running and less wear in the gearbox. 
Increased service life 
Transmission fluid changes are recommended by most manufacturers every 60,000 km or every 4 to 6 years. 
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