Specialist diesel particulate filter cleaning saves money and keeps our customers on the road. 

An overloaded diesel particulate filter (DPF) is expensive to replace – not to mention the time spent wasted thanks to a lengthy stay in the workshop when problems need to be resolved. 
That’s where expert solutions from DR Automotive can help. Our DPF cleaning services are designed to keep you moving and ensure your car continues to perform at optimal levels, rather than undertaking costly replacement. After all, prevention is better than cure. 

How does a diesel particulate filter work? 

All new diesel cars are now required to be fitted with a DPF, which aims to cut emissions by catching soot (diesel particulates) in the exhaust. 
To maintain the filter’s performance, this soot must be emptied in a process called regeneration. However, incomplete regeneration and soot build-up over time can cause significant problems including lack of power and high fuel consumption. 
If regeneration is interrupted and soot loading continues to increase, replacement of the filter is inevitable – at a potential cost of between £600 and £4,000 depending on the make and model of your car (plus labour and diagnostic time). 
There is an alternative: Fast and efficient diesel particulate cleaning rather than replacement. 
Here at DR Automotive, we are part of the dpf doctor network, which offers the following benefits: Please click on the DPF Doctor icon below for further details of our process and legality's  
Huge cost savings 
No lengthy disassemble necessary 
DPF works again in the shortest amount of time possible 
Cleaning to an almost new condition 
Can be applied when regeneration is no longer possible 
Used as a preventative measure 
Keeps our customers moving 
Would you like to ask us about diesel particulate filter cleaning? Just get in touch on 01785 816785 to talk to one of our mechanics. 


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