Modern Common Rail Diesel engines can be prone to fuel injectors becoming seized in the cylinder head. Without specialist equipment this is a very expensive problem to fix. Many garages do not have suitable equipment to deal with the problem leading to hefty bills and even potential damage to the engine. 
D.R. Automotive is fully trained and equipped with the latest hydraulic extraction tools to remove seized or broken diesel injectors and glow plugs without the need to take off the cylinder head and risk causing engine damage. Our specialist drilling equipment saves a huge amount of labour time and passes on massive cost savings to the customer. We now provide a specialist removal service to other garages, including main dealerships. 
We can remove seized or broken injectors, glow plugs and clamp bolts at a fraction of the cost of traditional extraction methods. 
We have a 100% success rate for most makes and models. 
We can remove diesel injectors even in the worst case scenario –when they are snapped off in the cylinder head, including snapped off tips. 
You can visit our well-equipped workshop in Newcastle Street, Stone. 
We deal with Delphi, Bosch, Siemens and Denso fuel systems. 
Our technicians are fully qualified and experienced. 


Test and diagnose injectors and high-pressure fuel pumps. 
Clean and re-seat injectors. 


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